Tribute to Playboy Magazine

A couple of posts ago I posted that Hugh Hefner had passed on to that other place from which nobody every returns. Those that saw that post will know that I did some searching around the Web to find some suitable pictures from Playboy to post with it.

During that search I also came across picture of many of the past Playmates and I thought I might just put a few up on my site as a further tribute to Playboy Magazine.

These three are Playmates that I remember from a time long ago when life was so much simpler and I worked as a Stores Clerk in the store for what was then a large mining company in Western Australia. Playboy Magazine was a big favourite around the heavy machinery workshops and the massive parts store I worked in.

Firstly, from September 1969, this is Shay Knuth.

Back in a time when it was not a HR issue to put up a pin-up of a 'glamour' model, Shay was pinned up at a number of places around the mine site.


Another picture I remember very clearly is Gloria Root. Gloria was the December Playmate for 1969.

Gloria's centrefold picture was a favourite of a friend of mine and he had two copies of her on the walls on either side of his bed.


Then, from August 1971 there was Cathy Rowland.

I actually sent off to Playboy America and purchased the 'life sized' post of this centrefold picture. I am pretty sure I still have it around here somewhere in the very same cardboard tube it came in back in 1971. That makes it 46 years old. No doubt the print has discoloured somewhat by now.

I lived in a country town at the time and this was before credit or debit cards, or bank transfers. I had to get a bank cheque drawn on a bank in America. It was not an easy thing to do from a small country town way up in the northern wheat-belt. And I clearly recall that the air-freight cost of getting the poster was about three times the cost of the actual poster.

It was never put up anywhere.

It has only ever been in the tube it came in.

In case you were wondering: I have been posting for eight years

As of September this year (2017) I have been posting for eight years.

Granted, there have been times when the posts have been a bit sparse. But the bottom line is that this site has been alive for eight years.

A couple of searches on the Web will tell you that the average life of a blog site is apparently 100 days or three months (depending on which site you check). So eight years is well an truly a good life for a blog site.

Hugh Hefner dead at 91

When I opened up CNN news the other day I got a bit of a surprise. The headline news was that Hugh Hefner had died. There are some people you plain just don't expect to ever die, and Hugh Hefner was such a person. But, as we all know, nobody gets out alive.

While it is a long time now since I bought one, I used to buy American Playboy regularly when I was younger. In fact, I am not even sure that there is still an American Playboy magazine. I seem to recall that some time ago, maybe as long as ten years ago, Playboy stopped publishing the magazine and went fully on-line.

So as a tribute to Hugh and the magazine I searched the Web for some pictures of the beautiful ladies that were featured by Playboy.

Working to remove the sidebar

I have decided that I am going to remove the sidebar from my blog page. Sidebars used to be a good idea when the majority of people used a desktop computer to browse the Web. But with the majority if people now browsing the Web using either a smartphone (that would be a 'cell phone' for my US readers), or a small iOS or Android tablet, I think that sidebars are not such a good idea anymore.

About the only thing I need to do before I remove the sidebar is to put my links on another page and put that page in the menu bar.

I have started to do this but have not finished it yet. If you check the "Links" page in the menu you will see the new links page where I will put my favourite links ... just in case you might want to check them out.

Finally made it to EXPERT level in GuruShots

It has been a long haul and I have had to get lots of votes, but I have managed to make it to EXPERT level in GuruShots.

My picture with the most member votes is this one. This shot has a total of 2,528 votes and has also chalked up an All Star ranking and made it into the Top 10% in one of the challenges it was entered into.

Following is my second highest rating picture with 1,682 member votes. Although it has not got as many votes as the picture above it has managed to get two All Star rankings as well as a Top 10%.

Coming in third overall is this picture of an old Rolls Royce which has accrued 1,347 member votes in challenges. I really liked the look of the pink undercoating coming through from the blue finish.

The next level is Champion; but this needs a lot more votes and I need to get a total of ten All Star rankings in challenges. Plus, and this is the hard one, I need to get one of the existing Guru members (and there are not many of them) to award one of the pictures I submit into a challenge with a star.