Indestructible Wylie E. Coyote


A coyote was hit by a car travelling at around 75 mph (120 kph).

It was thought to be dead so the driver continued the journey and did not check the car until 600 miles (960 kilometres) and two fuel stops later.

The coyote was alive.



Surely, as the original post suggests, this has to be the one-and-only indestructible Wylie E. Coyote of ‘Road Runner’ fame himself.

I would imagine he was a bit wind blown. Even after everything else—the shock of the impact with the car and being force-squashed into the gap where where he was at 120 kph—consider the incredible wind force he had to put up with for 600 miles (about 10 hours at a trip average of 60 mph)! Poor little bugger. And all those bugs that probably hit him (you know the ones, those bugs that normally end up embedded in your radiator).

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Also a good advert for Honda. Even with this amount of air flow restriction to the radiator the car obviously did not overheat. And the design of the car is animal-strike friendly.