Rotating and Cropping of “Red Brick Steps” Shot

This post relates to the Red Brick Steps posting from the “SCN at Fairbridge” series. In the picture in that posting I had to slightly crop off the tip of the blue heels worn by SCN.

BlueHeelsonSteps-Before In the picture as it was taken the blue heels were just in-frame, as can be seen in the un-rotated and un-cropped picture at left. But the frame has a severe left-hand (anti-clockwise) tilt to it. So the first bit of editing is to get the verticals in the picture a bit closer to being vertical, which in turn will make the horizontals a bit more horizontal.

BlueHeelsonSteps-Rotated So then I end up with the picture shown at right. This has been rotated 1.5 degrees to the right (clockwise). Notice now that the brick steps do not appear to be leaning (quite so much) and the doors in the background are almost vertical.

The next thing is to crop the picture as required, and this is where the sexy shoes get clipped—because the cropping cannot run into the white salvage zones created by the rotation.

The following picture shows the cropping mask and now you can see how the tip of SCNs foot and the shoe is going to get clipped off.


This is unavoidable—as one would not want part of the white background salvage (which shows as grey in the cropping view) ending up in the finished picture. Which is what would happen if the cropping mask were moved further left in order to keep all of the shoe in the picture.



So you end up with the cropped image above (right) ready for levelling and sharpening.

I won’t bore with the levelling and sharpening because you can see the finished levelled and sharpened result in the previous post. Use Ctrl+Click on the last picture if you want to check the finished picture again (it will open in a new Tab).

So that is the how and why of why SCN’s sexy shoe got clipped.