Titbit: Asteroid 99942 Will Miss Us—But not by Much

Back in about 2004 those amazingly smart people who can calculate such things were pretty darn sure that asteroid 99942—code named Apophis—had a greater than 10 percent chance of smashing into the Earth on the 13th of April 2029. Given that Apophis has a diameter of about half a kilometre then if it were to hit the Earth it would have provided an impact explosion equivalent to about 800 megatons which is about 15 times larger than the biggest hydrogen bomb ever exploded.

It is kind of interesting that this asteroid was officially numbered 99942. If you ever watched the movie “7” you will know that 999 to some people is an interpretation of 666, which, to millions of other people, is the devil’s number. And 42, as almost every person in the Western World knows, is the answer to the question “What is the meaning of life and the universe and everything”.

Anyway, now it seems that those of us planning to be around in 2029 can relax. New data and more recent calculations show that 99942 is no going to be a collision threat when it comes back past the Earth in 2029.