Titbit: Google Still Indexing My Site, But Bing is Not

With my unique visitor count falling so much lately I thought that maybe Google and/or Bing have stopped indexing my site so I ran a quick test. I did a double-literal search for “name of the wind” with “catching fire”.

With the Google test, as you can see below, my site came up as the second site on the search list on the very first page of results.


So Google are still indexing my site. Yay for Google.

However the same test with Microsoft’s Bing did not turn up my site in the first five pages of results, after which I stopped looking for it. With a very tight double-literal search test like this my site should have at least made the first five pages of results.

Why is it that Bing keeps dropping my site off their index crawler? From memory this happened about a year or so ago as well. I can recall doing a post about it then.

Bing have a site submission form somewhere that I will have to find and fill in again, but I do wonder how come they seem to keep losing my site . . .