Titbit: 2014 Forester wins RACWA’s Best SUV Under $45,000

Subaru008-RACWA-BestOn page 35 of the latest Horizons magazine from RACWA they have awarded the non-turbo 2.5 Forester “Best SUV Under $45,000”.

Note that this is the non-turbo 2.5i Forester.

As my readers will know the turbo 2.0 litre version of this car is a much better unit for folk who like the ‘drive’ feel of their cars. Apart from the 2.0 litre XT turbo version having better performance from the dual-scroll turbo it has: the firmer and flatter ‘sports’ suspension; as well as the high-torque version of the award winning CVT transmission.

Even so, all models of the 2014 Forster have better suspension feel and ride than the Gen 3/2007 series Foresters. So if you test drove a Gen 3 before the Gen 4 came out (early last year) then you really cannot judge how much better the Gen 4 is on the road.

I have done a number of postings at this site about the Gen 4 Forester. There are postings leading up to my final decision to buy one, then following that there are a number of postings after I bought it. And I am likely to do a few more as I confirm the good points and probably, at the end, complain about some of the bad points.

SubaruSearchMySiteIf you want to check the previous postings then probably the best way to find them is to put subaru and gen4 in the site search (as shown at right).