Wanna by a house? Good luck with that!

The following graph, not done by me, illustrates a point I have tried to make in a number of previous posts.

What this chart indicates is that in order to purchase the 'average' priced house these days you need to be earning 130 percent of the average income; and this rate is going up rather sharply.

The average national income as at May 2016 was $1,160 per week which would be around $60,000 per year. So, based on Callam's chart then, an individual would need to be earning $78,000 per year ($1,500 per week) in order to fund the purchase of the 'average' priced house. And this would leave them with absolutely nothing to live on, pay regular out goings (rates, regos, power, water, gas, insurance, etc.), or do anything else.

Yeah. I know. There are properties that cost less than the 'average', and typically couples purchase houses so there are two incomes to work with. But even so, the stark reality is that the cost of the 'average' house is pretty much out of range of any single income couple and that assumes the person who is working is at least on the average income, or better.

I would also point out that lots of people in the workforce are being asked to take income cuts these days, and the statistics tell us that starting income packages for new starters has not increased now for over three years. In some professions the starting packages for new starter has moved downwards.

Also, it needs to be highlighted, that this situation exists at a time when the interest rate is at an all time low; a low never seen before in Australia. A situation the just about all economists agree cannot last much longer. So what happens when the cash rate starts to make its inevitable climb back up to a norm of something more like 5 or 6 percent and the bank loan rates will then be at 8 or 9 percent (i.e., about 3 percent above the cash rate so the banks can make some useful profit on their borrowings).

My personal opinion is that the government should assist young couples much more in obtaining the roof over their heads.

The devil is in the details, but I think engaged or married couples embarking on the wild adventure of life together who have a combined income under $100,000 should be assisted to the degree of $100,000 and have stamp duty waived. If they separate or divorce within 10 years then they would have to pay back a tenth for each year short of ten years. Hence, if they separated or divorced after five years in the house then they have to pay back $50,000.

Ordered a Lumia 950XL Windows Phone

I have ordered a Lumia 950XL Windows Phone.

Microsoft currently have a special on the 950 and 950XL. I have no idea how long it will last.

The 950XL entered the market about 12 months ago for $1,199. As is the case for most smartphones, the cost went down in steps over the last 12 months and the current price at Harvey Norman to buy this phone outright is $899 (see screen capture at left).

Microsoft have a current special from the Online Microsoft Store offering the 950XL for AUD$499 with free shipping to anywhere in Australia.

Click on the following image to link over to the page at Microsoft.

Me and 500px

As you would have gathered from my recent posts, I have created an account on 500 pixels and I am posting to 500 pixels on a semi-regular basis. You can check the "500px Pages" item on the main menu above in order to go and see some of the pictures I have posted to 500 pixels although I have not got those pages fully up to date yet.

If you would like to help my pictures get some extra votes then you might like to create a 500 pixels account for yourself. Then you can vote on my posting (insert 'big grin' here). I will be endeavoring to post them here as soon as I post them to 500 pixels—so you would know when to go to 500px and vote.

Creating a 500 pixels account seems to be more or less harmless in that you don't get spammed by 500 pixels. Also you might like to vote on pictures by other people who  post images to 500 pixels. An example of this might be the picture in the posting before this one.


Stunning picture from 500px—taken by Mark Prinz

Had to post this. This picture is what I refer as a 'scroll stopper'.

This stunning picture is from 500px. The photographer is Mark Prinz. When I did this post there were 157 votes for this picture on 500px.

It is hard to find anything at all wrong with this picture. The model is stunning—which is always a good start. The make-up is faultless, and not too heavy such that it doesn't allow her sexy freckles to show through. Very well done. Big thumbs-up on the make-up.

The facial expression is spot on. 100% spot on. As is the lighting.

The photo-finishing is also just right. Not too much softening so the freckles are still well defined and you can still see skin texture.

Just the right amount of depth-of-field for a full-face shot with the neck just falling out of focus.

And then the eyes. This stunner's eyes are amazing. No doubt in the photo-finishing a little extra sharpening was done on the eyes—as is almost always the case. Even so, this girl's eye are hypnotic. When I look at this picture I cannot help but look into those eyes.

It is well worth checking out Mark's other work at 500px, which you can do here (opens in a new Tab).

500px Post: The Flying Red Horse

This is the Plume Oil trademark Pegasus Flying Red Horse which was adopted by Mobil Oil as Plume became Mobil in the late 50s.

People my age will likely remember seeing this striking trademark image everywhere 'back in the day' on petrol stations, stores, tanks, drums, oil tanker trucks, bowser pumps, and the sides of buildings.

Click the image to link over to the posting about it when I posted it onto 500 pixels.

How to spot an 'old' Windows user: Copy and Paste keys

There are sort of two kinds of Microsoft Windows users: the old original users that go back to Windows 286 (yep, that is what Windows 1.0 was actually called—because it ran on the Intel 80286 processor) in the mid-80s, and then there are those that came into Windows around the era of Windows 95 (circa 1995).

As one of the former I can generally pick a Windows user that discovered the Windows operating system very early on.

One of the give-away tells is the key combinations people use to work the Windows Cut, Copy and Paste functions.

Us original Windows users use the original, and the then only, key combinations that existed for performing these functions. These were Ctrl+Insert to copy, Shift+Insert to past, and cut-copy was Shift+Del.

These key combinations for cut, copy, and paste were in use long before Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, and Ctrl+V came into existence for Cut, Copy, and Paste.

In my next post on "How to spot and 'old' Windows user" I will tell you why Microsoft used the above key combinations for Cut, Copy, and Paste. There was a very good reason for this.

Somewhat concerned about Addicted to Heels

One of my favourite sites to visit now and then, Addicted to Heels, seems to have stopped posting. You can find the link to Addicted to Heels in the sidebar.

I very much enjoyed the deep and probing articles found on Addicted to Heels. Articles like "Heels are just perfect with a bikini" (here), "Heels 'work' for the same reason boobies do" (here)",  and "Cleavage vs. Heels" (here). The pictures of stunning women in sexy high heels that came with every posting also helped with the appeal of the site.

It is kind of a shame when a really well set-up site like Addicted to Heels just fades and dies. There could be any number of reasons. Perhaps the author of the site broke up with his girlfriend—although I seriously hope this is not the case. Maybe he just lost interest in posting?Perhaps he is ill?

I have sent two e-mails to the address revealed on the site but have not had any replies.

I guess we all just have to wait and see what happens . . . if anything happens at all.

500px Post: Duck Floating in the Koi Pond

Yep. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. The fabulous YSL Tribute heels are nowhere to be seen in this posting to 500px.

Also, that duck ain't real. It is a wood duck floating in the neighbours Koi pond.

When you have a camera hanging around your neck just about everything looks like it needs a picture taking of it.

If you want to read a bit more about it, or see it bigger, then click on the picture to link over to the posting about this picture on the 500px Post pages.