10th Gen Intel processors soon

Intel have announced their 10th Generation processor family (Intel page here) based on Intel’s new 10nm process.

It only seems like a few months ago I was happy getting my 8th Gen quad-core i7 DELL. And now, quite possibly before Xmas, some PC manufacturer’s will have 10th Gen quad-core I7 units on the market.

The 10th Gen i-series CPUs boast on-chip 4k 1080p video using Intel’s Iris Plus graphics processing.

Scanning around the Web it seems that the 10th Gen quad-core i7 will provide as much as a 20 percent CPU performance improvement over the 8th Gen quad-core i7—even though the clock speeds are slightly slower than the 8th Gen.

GPU processing improves up to a whopping 50 percent for chips with the top end Iris Plus graphics engine. Chips with the top end Iris Plus technology embedded will have the chip name suffixed with “G7”.

There will also be chips suffixed with G4 and G1. G1 chips will not have Iris Plus.

While none of this is needed for someone who just ‘browses the Web’, or uses basic Word or Excel, for someone like me who uses Photoshop all the time it is very interesting. Mind you, when these units initially hit the market they will be way too expensive.

You can find out more information at Engadget including a model and specification chart for the new processors (here).

Two new Sony APS-C format camera due this month

Apparently, according to a post on PetaPixel, Sony are about to release two new APS-C format cameras later in this month (August, 2019). One of the new cameras is likely to be a replacement for Sony’s class leading a6500. The other is likely to be a replacement for their lower-spec APS-C a5100.

Depending which site you look at, the features of the rumoured new top spec A6500 replacement vary. But it seems that the following points are agreed on by most sites:

  • It will use the new, much longer lasting, NP-FZ battery as found in the a9 and a7r III full frame units. This being the case, then the grip on the new camera will need to be a little larger in order to accommodate the larger battery.

  • The amazing 3 to 4 stop in-body image stabilization technology from the a9 and a7r III will be incorporated.

  • There is also talk of 4k/60p video recording.

Digitalcameraworld are suggesting the new top spec Sony APS-C camera will be labelled the a7000.

The (presumably) outgoing a6500 is now about three years old, and, due to its impressive specifications, has held up well in the market. But, after three years, it is probably well due for replacement in this fast moving high technology world.

Like the look of the new 2020 Subaru Outback

In the past I have not been that much of a fan of the Subaru Outback. It has (had) lower ground clearance than the Forester or XV, and I didn’t much like the look of it. But, having seen the promo pictures for the MY20 Outback, I reserve my right to change my mind.

I do like what I have seen so far about the MY20 Outback, plus it will come with a 2.4 petrol litre turbo that is putting out close to 200kw. That engine should give this new Outback a 0-100 kph time that is sub-seven seconds.

Additionally, at last, Subaru are giving the Outback the ‘standard’ ground clearance the same as the Forester and XV—being 220 mm, or 8.7 inches in the old money.

Even though it is referred to as the 2020 Outback, as is typical with Subaru, it is likely to arrive for sale in Australia before Xmas 2019.