Marginally disturbing fact: The fast moving rock we live on

I often find it a marginally disturbing fact that we all live on a spinning rock that is hurtling through space at 105,000 kilometres per hour (66,000 miles per hour for my American readers) as it loops around the sun; and then the sun itself is looping around the milky way galaxy at an astounding 792,000 kilometres per hour (483,000 miles per hour). So as the Earth loops around the sun at 105,000 kph it is also moving sideways through space at 792,000 kph as Earth is pulled along around the galaxy by the sun's gravitational hold on us.

In India, the top 16 richest = bottom 600 million

I just had to share this. It seems impossible. But according to this article by Moni Basu over at CNN the top 16 richest people in India have as much wealth as the bottom 600 million.

Another set of numbers from the same article states that the richest 10 percent of high wealth people in India own 80 percent of the money.

Another interesting statistic from Basu's article is that only 11 percent of Indian's own a refrigerator.

The final insight I will share is the half of India's population is under 25 years of age.

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Perth house prices still falling

This will not come as any surprise to anyone following the real estate market in Perth, but house prices are still heading south. In the last 12 months to the end of Sept the median price for Perth fell by 2.3 percent. CoreLogic are expecting the medium house price in Perth to end up around 2.5 percent down for the 12 months to the end of the calendar year.

As you can see from the CoreLogic table picture I found in the West late last week, the only two capital city zones to suffer a fall in house prices in the last 12 months to the end of Sept were Darwin and Perth.

Folks in Hobart, Melbourne, and Sydney will be smiling with upturns of 14.3, 12.1, and 10.5 over the last 12 months.

According to CoreLogic, due to the year on year falls the average property price for Perth has only increased by 2.3 percent in the last 10 years.

If this is true, and to me this seems like a worst-case view, then this is reasonably grim news for anyone who bought an investment property in the Perth metropolitan area eight to ten years ago. Not taking into account any tax offsets they may—or may not—have enjoyed, they would have been somewhat better off investing in the stock market or even putting that money into a fixed term deposit.

But this is the average. There are likely to be some regions that did much better, and, just as likely, some regions that have done a tad worse.

It doesn't seem quite so bad when you look at it from the median price view. The Perth median price ten years ago was $508,630 and is now $462,783. That's 'only' a fall in the median price of around $46k ... which somehow doesn't sound quite as bad.

The big question is obviously: "What is going to happen in the next two to three years?"

Well most forecasters have been telling us that the market that Perth prices had hit the bottom for the last three years. And they were wrong! But they are telling us again that prices have hit the bottom and to expect a small uptick in 2018.

I guess we can but wait and see.

Did I mention that that we are downsizing?

Back in August I posted about how the wife and I are downsizing (here). Basically the weeds are forcing us out.

We are downsizing from a 2,012 sqm block to a 600 (or so) sqm block. However, even though the new block is less than a third of the size of this block we will have a nice green lawn that is twice as big as the one we have now. Maybe not immediately; but not too long after we move in—providing the son's finance gets moving on it and depending on other priorities.

But best of all, there is going to be hardly any room for weeds to grow. Oh. I know weeds will still grow. That's the nature of weeds. But the area they have to grow in now at this place is about 1,700 sqm. At the new place they will be lucky to get 200 sqm to grow in.

Sodding weeds.

The wife and I are downsizing in cahoots with my son and his fiancé. They will have the 'main' house to run around in and look after and worry about, and the wife and I will have the attached 'granny flat'.

A perfect arrangement really. If the wife and I should go away for a wee holiday somewhere, then they can look after the property and we don't have to worry about it; and vice versa. Besides which, my son is basically my wife's carer. She has galloping MND/ALS and he looks after her during the day while I go to work. He does all the washing, cooking, making of beds, and general housekeeping.


Abalook is getting kind of popular again

For those that remember, way back when I upgraded my site from v6 to v7 of SquareSpace—for whatever reason—I lost a huge number of my visitors. My weekly unique visitor count plummeted from up around 700 down to sub-100 and then got gradually lower until it was about 20 or 30.

To this day I have no idea what happened. It is a total mystery why this happened.

Well over the last few months my numbers have been creeping back up again. Now I am consistently getting over 150 unique visitors per week.

This is kind of exciting.

Last week, as you can see in the graph above, I got 164 unique visitors and they viewed 211 pages.

This might be enough to encourage me to start posting more often ... again.