Looking at moving this site to WordPress

With the hard times in Western Australia I am thinking about moving my site from SquareSpace over to WordPress. While SquareSpace costs me $96 per year I can move over to WordPress for about $36.

Yeah. I know. Just $60 per year savings. But it all adds up in the end.

When I started this site—given that there is supposed to be 1 billion people on the Internet at any given time—I had visions that there might be 1000s of folk checking out what I had to post. But the reality is that is it 10s. There are even days when less than 10 people visit.

So I may as well move it to WordPress and save the $60.

New car sales in WA plument over last 5 years

While the number of new cars sales across the whole of Australia has remained relatively stable at around a million per year for the last five years, the number of new car sales for Western Australia has plummeted by 22 percent over the same period.

This is obviously a direct reflection of the downturn in the WA economy.

I have also noticed an increasing number of cars up for sale on people's front lawns and even in car parks, and signs on the back windows of cars being driven around that are for sale.

Additionally, in the West Australian about three weeks ago, there was an item about how the second hand car yards are full to overflowing and how the number of second hand cars being shipped east has almost doubled in the last three years.

On the upside, if you are in the market for a replacement second hand car you should be able to negotiate a great deal. Certainly you should not be paying anything within about 20 percent of the pasted value. So if they have that car up for $15,000 you should be looking to get it off them for closer to $12,000.

Less than 50 days to Twin Peaks Season 3

Just 49 days left now until Season 3 of Twin Peaks will go air.

Peakers everywhere are starting to get excited.

Following is a picture from Viva Online of Mädchen Amick. A much younger Mädchen, as all Twin Peaks fans would know, played Shelly in the series.

And as far as we all know, she will return to play Shelly in Season 3.

Madchen as Shelly some 25 years ago.

Microsoft releases 2nd Major Update for Windows 10: The Creator's Update

Late last week Microsoft released what they call the Creator's Update for Windows 10. This is a major update; being only the 2nd major update to Windows 10 since it was released. It was given the release number 1703 (indicating March 2017).

The 1st major update to Windows 10 was 1607—also referred to as the Anniversary Update—which, as the number indicates, happened in July of 2016.

I have not yet downloaded and installed the 1703 update. I think I will leave that for at least a month in order to see what the reports are on how well it goes. Waiting a month also gives Microsoft a little time to fix up any overlooked niggles in the update process that don't work quite like they expected.

If you are interested in finding out some of the big changes that the Creator's Update brings to Windows 10 before it gets installed on your PC then go to Paul Thurrott's site (you can find the link in my sidebar) and pick out the various posts Paul has done in relation to this Creator's Update.

Seems to me there should be a word "Soo" like we have "Too"

Sometimes when I am writing stuff I just think there are obvious words missing from the English language that really should exist. One of these is 'soo'.

So, we have 'so' with just one letter "o". And it does fine in those places where you just need to use a regular 'so'. In cases like: We were going to the lake, so Julie wanted to come as well. Or maybe: The recipe called for an egg, so I added an egg.

But sometimes you just feel the need for a bigger harder so—a so with two "O"s just like we have a to with two "O"s.

Like, if I replace the 'too' with 'so' in the following it just seems to lack some intensity.

"This piece of wood was too hard to chop" becomes "This piece of wood was so hard to chop". It feels to me like I am replacing a hard too with a kind of soft-ish so.

Surely it would be better as: This piece of wood was soo hard to chop.

Or "It is soo hard writing this post and making the point I am trying to make" seem to have more impact than "It is so hard writing this post and making the point I am trying to make".

Just a passing thought . . .