Down at Busso for the WA Day long weekend

I have done something I would normally never do. I have come down to Busselton for the 2019 WA Day long weekend. I generally don’t travel at those times because the traffic is typically horrid on the highways and byways anywhere down south over public holiday breaks.

But my Guillian Barre afflicted niece, who is not allowed to drive, wanted to break down at Busso. So here we are. I have taken a couple of extra days off work—the Friday before and the Tuesday after—in order to make the break a bit longer and so as to avoid some of the previously mentioned traffic. Although I suspect that at least half of the other holidaying people also take a couple of extra days—so it probably does not help me in avoiding traffic.

My wife, who died as an outcome of motor neuron disease back in August 2018, used to love coming to Busselton. I have not been down to Busso since she passed.

We would drive around the surrounds of Busselton, going as far down as Margret River, looking for interesting things to photograph and different places to have coffee. One of her favourite coffe places was the Lavender Cafe on Caves Road.

For some reason, and I don’t really know why, Busselton does have this air of relaxation about it. It might have something to do with the five bottles of Yellow Champagne we consumed yesterday afternoon and evening.

I kind of recently 'discovered' Reddit

Like most people who use the Internet I have known about the existence of Reddit for some time. If you are a regular user of the Internet it would be hard not to know about Reddit. And over the years I have done the occasional visit to Reddit. But I never really ‘got into it’.

Click image to enlarge

Over the last few weeks I have become more interested in Reddit. I now have an account, and I have joined a number of sub-Reddit groups—as they call them.

Being somewhat interested in photography I have joined the /Photocritique, /Pics, and /SonyAlpha sub-Reddits.

The picture of the Cosplay girl at right is from the /Pics sub-Reddit.

Reddit is apparently sometimes referred to as the “front door of the Internet”, and I can see why. There seem to be thousands of sub-Reddits and the Reddit groups are very active.

I have only joined eight sub-Reddits, including /WorldNews and /Technology, but even keeping up with these is almost impossible due to the number of articles that get posted into these groups.

I will post other related articles as I find out more about using Reddit .

Doing some site changes -- the end of the Sidebar

It seems that sidebars are a thing of the past for blog sites.

One of the issues with sidebars is for people who access the Web page via a smartphone or small screen device. If the sidebar is displayed then it takes up too much of valuable screen space. So, in most cases, the site rendering will then put the sidebar at the very bottom of the scroll—so it is no longer actually a sidebar at all. It becomes a ‘bottom bar’.

So this site will no longer have a sidebar.

How it looked before, with the side bar.


And how it looks now, with no sidebar.


I will gradually put the common links that I use, that were shown in the sidebar, into the main site.

Hopefully this little change will make my site a bit more friendly for users that come to the site using a smartphone or smaller-screen device.

Sony's new rumoured a7000 may have 'digital overlap HDR'

The latest rumours about Sony’s next APS-C format high end camera say that it might feature ‘digital overlap HDR’ (DOL-HDR).

DOL-HDR is a technology that allows for a semi-HDR image to be taken using two frames from the sensor with less than 1/4000th of second between frames. This allows for two frame HDR images to be taken of moving subjects.

If you look into DOL-HDR on the Web you will find that what basically happens is that the camera takes the normal meter reading, and then takes a frame at about 1.5 stops over, and another frame as 1.5 stops under; then makes the DOL-HDR using those two frames.

Some smart phones (cell phones for my USA readers), such as Googles Pixel, already use DOL-HDR. However, this is on a much smaller sensor than APS-C. Larger sensors make it harder to implement DOL-HDR because of the time taken to clear the sensor and get it ready for the second frame.

Rumours are suggesting that the Sony DOL-HDR implementation has less the 1/6000th of a second between the two frames—which, given the sensor size—is pretty amazing. Given this, then if the actual exposure was 1/1000th the DOL-HDR sequence would happen in about 1/450th of a second.

I have not seen many examples of DOL-HDR but it is said to improve dynamic range by as much as two stops in the RAW image. Imagine the post-processing opportunities that an additional two stops of dynamic range would permit.

Following is about the only good example that I could find on the Web.

Click image to see larger

If the a7000 (assuming the camera is even called this) does include DOL-HDR, and it works as good as suggested, then that will make this new camera very interesting. Even to people who are currently shooting full frame. Especially if the a7000 does have Sony’s new 32MP big-bucket sensor.