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This is the home page of Paul Thurrott. Paul mainly focuses on news relating to Microsoft but lately he as been commenting on and reviewing iOS- and Android-based smartphones.

If you want to find out what Microsoft are planning, or what the latest software updates are for Windows, or what Paul thinks is a good smartphone or computer to buy, then pop over to Paul's site.


Goodshit Girl

Goodshit, or extragoodshit (if you go by the URL), is a site I have been going to for a long time.

As you might expect, you find lots of random goodshit links here. The editor adds new batches of goodshit links about every two or three days.

As most of the news is depressing, the editor puts in little breaks of eye candy so you can take a break from the darkness of the world.

Welcome to Twin Peaks

The Welcome to Twin Peaks site is a good place to catch up on anything that might be happening in the world of David Lynch and/or Twin Peaks.

New York Times

It is still free to open and read articles at the New York Times, but I am not too sure how much longer this will last.

Most other popular on-line newspapers (such as The Australian and the Financial Review) are beginning to put up paywalls for 'premier' content and can only be a matter of time before this practice is adopted by the New York Times.