Sad face: Lost about 200 visitors

Somehow during the change over of my site from SquareSpace 5 to SquareSpace 7 I have lost about 200 of my visitors. I have no idea how this has came about. When you consider that my daily average was only around 230 to 250 visitors you can see why this a cause of some distress.

During the change-over there was a short period when was not properly mapped to the SquareSpace site but this was only for about two days. And if this was the cause then once I engaged SquareSpace support to help me sort it out then these visitors should have started coming back.

So this leaves me with the puzzle: What happened that 200 visitors just stopped coming to my site as I changed from SquareSpace 5 to SquareSpace 7? More importantly—what can I do to fix it?