Titbit: Faithful clocks over 222,777 kilometres

As I was heading out this morning in Faithful (my 2005 Subaru Forester XT) to try and find some interesting gates to take pictures of I just happened to glance down and check the odometer; it was on 222,777.

For whatever reason I thought that was a kind of interesting number so I decided I would stop and take a snap of the instrument cluster. But I was going down a steep-ish road and there was no where to pull over. So then the next problem became finding somewhere safe to pull over before the gauge clicked over to 222,778. As it happens I only just made it because after taking the picture and moving off again the numbers rolled over to 222,778 within about 50 metres from where I pulled up.

It's not that 222,777 is that much for a modern well maintained car—it's 'only' about 140,000 miles. But this is by far the most mileage I have clocked up on a car. This next bit is probably dangerous to utter (or write down) because the perverse gods are always watching, but the Subaru 2.5 boxer is rated at 320,000 kilometres so Faithful should be good for about another 100,000 kilometres before any major mechanical issues are encountered.