Adding in a new photography section

Now that I have done all this work to move my site over to SquareSpace 7 I am creating a new 'Photography' section at the Abalook site where I can put all my posted photographs. In the past I have put them into SmugMug and then put a link to them but this costs me extra money because I have to have a SmugMug site. It also means extra work for those posts that link to a picture in SmugMug because I have to upload it into SmugMug and then get the link.

With SquareSpace 7 I think I should be able to put the larger pictures right here in SquareSpace 7 and, after a little bit of time, close my SmugMug account.

I have been thinking about the simplest way to do this and in the end I have decided I will have two photography streams in the 'Photography' section. One stream will be for the SmugMug pictures which are mostly all associated with posts in the Old Blog. I am thinking I will call this stream 'Pictures from SmugMug'. The other stream will have any new photographs posted since I moved the site over to SquareSpace 7.

Anyway ... I am going to try this out so please forgive if things get a little messy while I work it all out.

If anyone reading this uses SquareSpace 7 know how to do this then please feel free to comment or drop me an e-mail providing time saving advice.