Twin Peaks art—great TP opening scene wallpaper

A site I go to quite a bit is the Welcome to Twin Peaks site. You can find the link in my sidebar. Lately over at Welcome to Twin Peaks they have been featuring a lot of Twin Peaks related art.

You can go to the page at Welcome to Twin Peak featuring the above artist here.

I have also 'Liked' the Twin Peaks Festival group on Facebook and just recently the following picture was posted to that group.

This picture—one of the opening credit scenes shown before every episode of Twin Peaks—was created in Photoshop and it was 'painted' by "Giacinto Poli, Inc". It seems he or they are planning to paint a number of the opening scenes from Twin Peaks. I will be very interested to see if he/they tackle the saw mill blade sharpening scene. I love that scene. I don't know why but it is kind of mesmerising.

I like the 'bird on the branch' painting by Giacinto Poli, Inc so much I have made it my new desktop wallpaper (shown at right).

The 'Giacinto Poli, Inc' Facebook page can be found here.

I will be keeping an eye out for any new artworks from this person/team.

If you would like the 1920 x 1200 wallpaper size version of this image you can get it here. It is not perfect but it is reasonably okay. It was enlarged from the image on Facebook using OnOne.