DNS issues—it's not easy running a Web site

I noticed about three days ago that during the change over of my site from SquareSpace 5 to SquareSpace 6/7 I managed to lose about 200 daily readers—which is just about everyone. Not quite. There were about 40 readers still getting in.

I was not too sure what to think. Obviously some people were getting to the site but had 200 people decided to just stop coming?

Well I think I know what the problem was and I only tripped over it because I use multiple browsers on my smartphone. Mostly I use the Dolphin browser but sometimes I use FireFox. When I tried to go to my new SquareSpace 7 site from my smartphone using FireFox I could not make it to my site and I got the message "You're almost Almost There ..." but the site would not come up. For some reason the Dolphin browser was not having any problems getting to my site.

I could not work out what the problem was so I got in touch with SquareSpace support.

To keep this short, in the end the problem was that my domain settings with my domain registration provider needed tweaking.

The necessary changes were made to my domain setting late last night (Australian time). Hopefully now there are no issues getting to my new site.

I only hope that all those people who had issues getting to the site for those three or four days come back and my numbers go back up to around the 250 mark where they were before my change over to SquareSpace 7.

Sorry about that . . .


Post S7-0008