GoodShit posts Jlaw nude

One of the sites I visit almost daily, GoodShit, has posted one of the Jennifer Lawrence nudes.

When the nude pictures of Jennifer Lawrence (along with 20 or so other celebrities) were hacked from Apple's cloud storage services and posted on various forums across the Internet it caused one of the biggest downloading frenzies since Series Four of Game of Thrones.

Depending which report you read it is estimated that the Jennifer Lawrence et al nude image collection—called the Fappening on some sites—was downloaded across all services (including 4Chan, Reddit, Torrents, and direct sites) by about 2.5 million down-loaders world-wide. What is harder to count then is how often those downloads were shared via e-mail, USB drives, or on private networks.

The Fappening picture packs, or links to them, still regularly turn up on 4Chan, torrent sites, and Reddit. The torrent tracking site I generally use to try and find things is today showing over 5,000 seeders of the pack.

I have decided not to provide a direct link to the picture at GoodShit but you will find the general link to GoodShit in my sidebar. From there, should you wish to see the whole picture uncropped, you will need to scroll through GoodShit—assuming it is still there because I understand Jennifer's 'agents' are actively trawling for these pictures and asking that they be taken down.

The thing is with many of these pictures, if not all, is that they have been taken with smartphones. So the IQ (image quality) is generally crap. Most have extreme digital noise going on, they are typically out of focus, there is motion blur in at least half of them, and in many the white balance is wrong.

Check out the image at left as an example of the extreme digital noise. This is a crop of Jennifer's face in the version of the image over at GoodShit.

Obviously reducing the size helps with calming down the digital noise (which is why they don't seem too bad when viewed on a small smartphone screen).


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