Sansa the beer box inspector (a.k.a. the XXXX Cat)

I think I have eluded to this before but there seems to be no end to the talents of Sansa the Cat. Who would have thought she is a skilled inspector of beer boxes with the ability to ensure that all cans have been removed from each of the layers before the box is disposed of.

Here are some pictures of Sansa checking that the first layer of cans have all been taken out and put in the fridge before we start on the second layer.

At this point Sansa has climbed into the beer carton through just the hole at the front that you can see. Then, amazingly, she turned around inside the box and came out head-first.

Having turned around inside the box she then decided to sit down on the cold layer of cans--yes, this carton came out of the cold room so the cans are cold.

So, having fully inspected that the first layer has no cans left lurking on it she now decided to squat down on the cold layer of cans and have a break.

Thinking about out getting out . . .

At this stage we tore the front of the box open. I know cats are curious ("Curiosity killed that Cat") but one wonders why she decided to climb into a beer carton.

As usual all pictures will enlarge if clicked—depending on the size of your viewing device.

Stay tuned for the ongoing adventures of "Sansa the Multi-talented Cat".