First use of gallery widget—"Sansa in the Basin"

As the title suggests this is my first posting using the gallery widget available in SquareSpace 7. It features 'Sansa the Circus Cat" (just one of her many names) have some time off laying in the wash basin in the main bathroom.

I know ... I know ... More boring cat pictures. But as only about 15 people are even coming to my site these days then what does it matter what I post?

So here it is—20 pictures using the gallery widget of Sansa just chilling out in the basin.

I am not sure what the attraction was for her in laying in the basin but she was in there for about half an hour. The 20 pictures above were taken at various intervals over that 30 minutes.

Maybe it was cool in the basin? Maybe she fitted so well in the basin it was somehow comfortable? Maybe she figured if any fleas dropped off while she was in the basin they would fall down the drain and be gone for good? Maybe the curved sides of the basin made it easier for her to groom herself? She does have an attraction to running water and she knows that the basin is associated with running water, so it could be that she was just waiting for some running water to happen? Or maybe she was just being Sansa and showing off.

One of the issues with the gallery widget is that you can't enlarge the pictures by clicking on them, so following are three of my favourites in the light box widget so you can click them and get the full-sized 1,500 pixel wide versions in full resolution.

In this shot she is in that typical cat playful position of 'head up her bum' with her rear legs up around her head. Usually if you touch them when they are like this you get your hand shredded, every so playfully but.

If you enlarge this (by clicking on it) you will see she is grooming. You can see her tongue out and she has her right front paw up on the side of the basin for stabilisation.

Grooming again but this time sharpening her rear left claw. I love how cats keep their claws in tip-top working order by trimming them with their teeth.

Actually there are two firsts in this posting. The use of the SquareSpace 7 gallery widget with 20 pictures in the gallery and the use of columns for the three light box pictures of Sansa; although people looking at this using a smartphone will most likely not see the use of columns because of the way SquareSpace 7 optimises the display for smaller screens.  Just so you smartphone users aren't missing out this is how the columns bit looks on a desktop or wide tablet.