Amazon's robotic 'fulfilment centre'

I wish my dad could see this posting. He was half owner and basically the manager of a country general store. It was a very 'general' general store. During it's life this store sold just about everything including: drapery; newspapers; hardware; firearms and ammunition; cars; tyres; tractors; groceries including fresh vegetables; frozen and canned foods; petrol and bulk kerosene; books, magazines, and comics; property and motor vehicle insurance (as an agency for Queensland Insurance); bulk stock foods; stationery; and cigarettes and tobacco. They were sort of the Amazon of the time—for that town and surrounding communities at least.

They carried so much stuff they had the storeroom, which was attached to the main store, and the 'big' and 'little' sheds which were not attached. The sheds were a short walk 'down the back' and from time to time it was necessary to wheel stock up from these sheds using a hand trolley. They also had a submerged cool room underneath a massive rain water tank and this was sort of like a cellar.

Imagine if he could see the following pictures of one of Amazon's robotic fulfilment centers.

The following image links to a video of the fulfilment center in operation and it is well worth having a look at. And this is only one of something like 80 fulfilment centers worldwide but I think only eight of them are this class of center.