Echosmith—with that Cranberries sound

A new-ish band I am currently liking is Echosmith. Echosmith are four 'kids' in the USA—three brothers and a sister. The lead singer and face of the band is Sydney.

I first heard Echosmith about five months ago listening to Triple J while travelling to work which is (or was; I don't work down that way any more) a full two hour drive. The track I heard was Echosmith's cover of the Mumford and Sons tune "I Will Wait".

Back in the motel that night (all alone with nothing to do) I delved further into Echosmith. I listened to just about all of their songs that I could find on YouTube. To me they sound a bit like the Cranberries. Maybe even, sometimes, a lot like the Cranberries.

I can imagine this group doing a great cover version of the Cranberries classic "Dreams", and maybe even the brilliant "Linger". I have actually suggested this to them on their Facebook page.

Image links to YouTube video of Cool Kids.

Echosmith's current 'hit' is Cool Kids and while this is a pleasant enough track I don't think this is anywhere near their best work. You don't really get a good taste of Sydney's great voice or hardly any hint of that Cranberries-like sound coming through in this track.

Image links to YouTube video of Bright.

I am pretty sure their next 'single' release is going to be Bright. To my ear I can hear a bit of the Cranberries sound coming through in this. A smoother Cranberries sound maybe, but still that drums and crisp guitar with an angelic voice sound that the Cranberries did so well.

If you still don't hear that Cranberries sound coming through after listening to Bright then try the Talking Dreams track from the album of the same name. You will surely get some essence of Cranberries coming through on this.

Image Links to YouTube video Talking Dreams.

I have read up quite a bit on Echosmith and at no stage do they suggest any influence from the Cranberries, so it is purely accidental that the haunting Cranberries style ether seems to be swirling around in their songs; which is not a bad thing. I think the Cranberries were a great band.

I have bought Echosmith's 'Talking Dreams' album and when I was going back and forth to work I was playing it all the time.

If I still haven't convinced you they sound at least a little bit like the Cranberries then try listening to this tune, Tell Her You Love Her, which they are doing live in this video.

If you are familiar with the Cranberries then leave me a comment to let me know if you think Echosmith have a whiff of Cranberries drifting through their songs.