Sansa the weather monitor cat

I tell you. Seriously. There are just no limits to the abilities and skills of Sansa the Cat.

We don't have any remote sensing weather monitor equipment in our house. I have often been going to buy one and set it up. I could put one of the monitoring points in the pergola.

But there is no need now that we have Sansa the weather monitor cat.

Here she is up on top of her climbing tower quite clearly indicating that the weather is 'too bloody hot to do anything'.

I think that any wee critters scurrying around inside my house are safe from being pounced on by the guard cat today.

In case you are not adept at reading the temperature as indicated by weather monitoring cats this particular cat-napping position with all four paws off the platform and the head hanging down over the corner appears to indicate a temperature somewhere between 40° and 45° Celsius—which is about 104 to 113 in the 'old money' (i.e., Fahrenheit). Right at the moment it is 41.4°C here (106.5°F).