Twin Peaks, Season 3—Coming mid-2016

Probably almost everyone in the world is aware of this by now, but for anyone not paying attention David Lynch and Mark Frost are making Season 3 of the TV series Twin Peaks—25 years after Season 2 finished. It seems that after years of Mr. Lynch saying that Twin Peaks was over and we all had to invent our own 'endings' he ended up having a coffee one day with Mark Frost and they had this brilliant idea for Season 3. They went to Showtime and told Showtime their plan and Showtime were very keen.

So now Lynch and Frost are writing and making Season 3 with David personally directing every episode of the reported 18 episodes of this one and only additional season of Twin Peaks. With the first two seasons of Twin Peaks the directing was done by 'invited' directors. David Lynch was involved in much of the Season 1 directing, but much less so with Season 2.

Showtime already have a Twin Peaks Season 3 web page up (here), although is not much to see there yet.

At this stage Season 3 of Twin Peaks is expected to broadcast by Showtime mid-2016.

So for all those folk who have heard about Twin Peaks but never watched it, now is probably a good time to get hold of Seasons 1 and 2 and watch them; and then watch the Twin Peaks movie "Fire Walk With Me". Although one report I read says that Mark Frost is reported as saying that they are trying to put Season 3 together such that it is not mandatory for viewers to have seen Seasons 1 and 2.

There are also all kinds of other bits and pieces you can find on the Web about this new season, including:

  • Lynch was going to use film to film it, but I am reasonably sure now that—even if this was true at the outset—David is filming it digitally.
  • It was going to be produced as 4:3 in the style of Seasons 1 and 2. This could still be true, but I seriously doubt that Showtime would want the new season produced in the 'old' 4:3 square aspect ratio.
  • Season 3 will be set 25 years after Season 2.
  • A book is to be released prior to Season 3 going to air that will fill in many gaps over the 25 for those die-hard fans that need to fill in details before watching Season 3.
  • The Double-R diner has been restored to its Season 1 glory in order to shoot some of the early positioning scenes.
  • Kyle MacLachlan will be coming back as Special Agent Dale Cooper.
  • Lynch is working to get many others of the original cast back, but it is not known if they are for flashbacks or have extended roles.

Filming of Season 3 has commenced, so this is really actually happening.

If was rich I would put on a 'Special Screening' of the Blu-ray edition of Twin Peaks Season 1 somewhere. We could have coffee and doughnuts, and maybe some cherry pie—that will make sense to any Twin Peaks fans reading this. The door charge could be a gold-coin (which in Australia is a $1 or $2 coin—and they are only gold-coloured, they are not made of gold) donation to some charity or something.