Nothing like a new lens to get me out and about

After thinking about it for about two months I threw caution to the wind and bought myself an expensive new lens last week for my Sony a6000. Normally I tend to purchase upper-end semi-pro lenses. But this time, for the first time, I went for a mid-range pro-lens. So in theory I now own the best quality lens I have probably ever owned with the possible exception of the first lens I ever bought—when I was about 16 or 17—when I bought the Asahi SMC f1.4 prime with my first 'real' camera.

The lens I got was the Ziess-branded Sony 16-70 f4 OSS lens. In Australia this lens typically sets you back about $1,250. I managed to get a bit off this at the Sony Shop in Perth, but it still cost me just over $1,000.

So far I am very happy with this lens. It focuses extremely fast on the a6000, and a few tests indoors indicate that the focus point is spot on.

The other thing about this lens is that it got me out of the house this Saturday. I went off in search of gates to photograph.

Following is my first ever gate picture using the Zeiss/Sony 16-70 f4.

This picture is 1666 x 1000 pixels so please, if you have the screen to handle it, please click on it and see it larger.

When I cropped this I tried it with and without the power lines showing across the top, and, as you can see, I decided to go with leaving the power lines in the shot.

Just to give you a hint at the resolving capabilities of my new lens the following pictures is an enlargement of the centre of the picture.

Again, you need to click on the picture and enlarge it, but you can almost make out the wild oats growing in the middle of the bitumen road way down under those trees at the end of the track.