Weetbix pancakes with banana and Golden Syrup

For breakfast this morning I made my Weetbix pancakes. On them I have sliced banana with the slightest little drizzle of Golden Syrup. Very yummy. Oh ... and with coffee.

This is a great breakfast to look forward to in the morning, and with a Weetbix in there with an egg and a banana on top it is sort of healthy. However, due to the two teaspoons of sugar in the batter and the Golden Syrup on top, all us type 2 diabetics will need to inject a modicum of two-stage insulin before eating.

For anyone interested in trying these out the ingredients are:

  • 1 Weetbix
  • 2 teaspoons of sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 2 heaped desert spoons of self raising flour
  • about half a cup of milk
  • a twist or two of salt
  • 1 desert spoon of butter
  • 1 banana
  • a drizzle of Golden Syrup

This will make two pancakes with about a 10" diameter.

The way I do it is to sift the two heaped desert spoons of self raising flour into a bowl and then add a crunched up Weetbix. I just crunch it up with my hand as I add it. Then I give that a bit of stir around to mix the Weetbix into the flour.

Crack the egg into a separate bowl and add the milk, the two teaspoons of sugar, a small amount of salt, and the desert spoon of butter (which needs to be softened in the microwave for about 6 seconds before being added). Then beat all that together until you are pretty sure all the sugar has been dissolved.

Pour the wet mix into the dry and stir together a bit. Nothing too strenuous. Just a good stir around.

Let the mix stand a bit while you heat up a suitable fry pan. You need a fry pan that you can make a 10" diameter pancake in.

Put a small amount a butter in the fry pan. Just a hint of butter. Use a paper towel to wipe off any excess. Keep the paper towel.

Put the pan on a bit below medium heat. If it's gas then go for medium-low.

Once the pan gets up to heat then add half of the batter mix. I am not that good at judging half so my first pancake almost always ends up smaller than my second.

After about two minutes there should be lots of little air holes showing up on the pancake as it cooks (see picture). At this stage check the underneath and if it's golden brown then flip the pancake over.

The second side will take about 1.5 minutes. Take the pancake off when it is golden brown.

Use the paper towel you kept from wiping out the excess butter for the first pancake and use it to wipe the pan again, using the butter wet side of the towel to slightly re-butter the pan.

Put in the remaining mixture to make the second pancake.

After you have made both pancakes then you can slice up the banana and put it on the top, and then drizzle over the slightest hint of Golden Syrup. I generally don't have very much of a sweet-tooth so I don't like to use too much Golden Syrup but I have to tell you: Golden Syrup over banana is a taste sensation.

Seriously ... imagine that with a great cup of coffee. Your mouth is filling with saliva ... isn't it?

Because the recipe makes two pancakes this is great breakfast just for two. But obviously you will need two bananas.