Baked Beans and bacon

Breakfast this morning was baked beans and bacon, or is that 'bacon with baked beans'. Tricky question.

Compared to previous breakfast posts baked beans and bacon might seem a little boring but it is far from it. There are four tricks to making this a little bit more amazing than you might be thinking. In addition it is pretty easy to prepare and doesn't dirty too many pots and pans.

The first trick is to cook that bacon perfectly—soft and juicy. Don't over cook it. When the bacon is done you wipe the pan lightly with a paper towel to get any burnt bits of bacon out, but be careful to leave behind a good smearing of the bacon fat.

I typically have three slices of bacon.

The next trick is to drain all the excess juice out of the baked beans. I do this by pushing the lid into the can after I have cut around it with the can opener. This particular method of getting rid of the excess juice from the baked beans will not work if you have one of these new-fangled rim-cutter style can openers. I hate them with a passion. Who the hell thought they were a good idea?!?

Thirdly you heat the beans in the pan you cooked the bacon in.

The fourth and final little trick is to then add about a rounded teaspoon of butter to the heating beans.

That's it. Put your beans on the plate with your bacon and enjoy. Oh ... I forgot. Dust those beans with fine white pepper. Even if you are not normally a pepper person you really need to do this to get the full taste surprise.

You can see the son's finance giving it the thumbs-up . . . (I think he painted those nails for her).