Placed an order for a WinBook TW801

A few posts ago I did a post about the WinBook TW801 (here). As a quick memory jogger the WinBook TW801 is an 8" Windows 8.1 tablet with USB 3 and HDMI out ports, plus the regular other ports and connectors (including the all important SD-Card slot). All this with Windows 8.1 and one year of Office 365 for under $200.

Basically I was looking for a cheap-ish Windows-based 7" or 8" tablet for browsing in bed (where I do all my best research) and making OneNote notes on, and I could even to key up the odd blog post (for which I use OneNote) when I am away from my main computer. Also maybe to watch the odd movie on while in bed.

I started out selecting the Toshiba Encore 8 but it is about $150 dearer than the WinBook. I really want the SD-Card slot and kind of like the idea of HDMI out, so that eliminated a lot of the other contenders like the HP Stream and the DELL Venue.

The HDMI out port should allow me to connect the WinBook up to a full sized monitor or to a TV.

The WinBook has a 1280x800 screen, which seems pretty standard for the 7" and 8" Windows tablets. According to reviews it has an 8 to 9 hour battery life with heavy usage.

So I have ordered one.

The camera is only 2 megapixel but I am never going to use it anyway. I still would have gone for it even if it had no camera at all. I doubt if I have taken half a dozen pictures with my S3 Samsung.

I had to get it from Amazon in the USA because I could not find any retailer in Australia that has it. Believe me I tried to find someone who sold it.

The Amazon e-mail tells me I should get delivery in 5 to 7 days. I guess that means early next week sometime.

You can be sure I will let you know what I think of it once I get it.