Gave 'Old Faithful' a three stubby wash today

I call my 2005 Subaru Forester XT 'Old Faithful' or just 'Faithful' for short. She got me back and forth to work down south for 4.5 years—about 200 kilometres each way—without any mechanical issues; unless you call a burst radiator hose a mechanical issue.

Now that I'm not working Faithful doesn't get much use. She tends to get parked under a gum tree and sort of forgotten about for five or six days at a time; and about now the gum trees are flowering and dropping their blooms. The result of this is that poor Faithful's roof and bonnet were covered in gum tree blooms and these blooms then weep their sticky nectar.

Faithful was crying out for a quick wash.

So I decided to give Faithful a quick one stubby roof and bonnet only wash.

Once I parked her in the garage and got started washing the roof and bonnet I got into that old familiar car washing rhythm and then decided to give her an all-over three stubby wash.

Even though she is ten years old and been parked out in direct sunlight for about half of her life, and much worse for the time I was working down south, her paint job is holding up very well.