Got a 'free' Office 365 Personal license

My Windows 8.1 WinBook 8" tablet arrived from Amazon on Monday. It has turned out to be as good as I had hoped. I will do  post about it soon, but in this post I want to talk about the Office 365 Personal license that came 'free' with the WinBook.

For anyone getting confused with Microsoft's naming of Office these days (Microsoft have been changing the names of everything lately), Office 365 is actually the full Office 2013 when installed on a Windows 8 computer; including Windows 8 tablets. In order to cater for the smaller display it's something a bit different when installed on a Windows Phone.

When I opened up the WinBook packaging and had a look at the bundled Office 365 license I noticed that it actually allows me to install Office 365/Office 2013 on a tablet and also on one PC. That's a pretty good deal. I buy a $150 WinBook Windows 8 tablet and included was an Office 365 license that allows me to install full Office 2013 on the tablet and on a PC—which I have now done.

Admittedly this license is a subscription license and I really only get one year free. So about March next year I will get an e-mail from Microsoft asking me to renew my subscription for another year for about AU$90—but, remember, that does cover two PCs with all updates and upgrades.

Moving forward just about all non-enterprise licenses for Office will become subscription licenses; which is not a bad thing. It sort of makes Office affordable because now you can get two installable copies of Office for just AU$89.00 per year, which makes it AU$44.50 a copy for a year—or you can buy a cheap useful tablet and get a year's subscription free.

Microsoft are adding more and more to Office. Currently Office comprises: Excel, Word, Outlook, OneNote, Access, Publisher, and PowerPoint.

Update >>> 13th March 15:59

Another freebie is that you get your OneDrive quota upgraded to 1TB along with your 'free' one year subscription to Office 365.