Seems like Abalook is getting close to the end

My daily unique visitor count has fallen to an all-time 'average' low of 15. So out of the 2.9 billion people using the Internet every day (according to the Statista site) I get 15 coming to check out Abalook.

Something that I have never got to the bottom of happened when I converted from SquareSpace 5 over to SquareSpace 6/7. When I did that my unique visitor number plummeted from about 220 per day down to about 65, and the numbers have just keep falling ever since.

I started Abalook back in August 2009 so it has been going for about 4.5 years. I have had fun doing it, but at this stage—as I am now unemployed—I have to query the $65 annual cost of re-registering the domain name and the $100 it costs to have SquareSpace host the site.

As regular readers—of which it seem there are about 15—would know, I have even tried the trick of posting the occasional set of pictures of sexy ladies to try and get visits.

At Abalook's peak I was getting about 350 uniques. At that time my assumption was that the count would gradually keep going up. However, the reverse happened. I think part of the problem is the 'picture and a paragraph' world that we are living in now. Most people these days don't want to read through five to ten paragraphs of narrative; they just want a picture (or two) and a paragraph—and a short paragraph at that.

I will probably keep doing the odd post until my SquareSpace account comes up for renewal in the first week of September.