Great value Windows smartphone from Microsoft—Lumia 430

Microsoft have just released what is possibly the best value smartphone currently available. It is the Lumia 430.

It looks like this phone is going to be released in the US for US$70 off-plan!

It has only got a 4" screen, which would put a lot of people off these days, but for the market segment it is targeted at—people who just cannot afford a $200 smartphone—it probably does not matter that it has a slightly smaller screen than the current 'standard' 5".

It also does not have 4G/LTE, but, as above, probably not a problem for the target market.

It does have: 3G; Micro-SD card expansion; a dual-core 1.2GHz processor; a 1,500 mAh removable battery (which apparently will provide over 550 hours of standby); Bluetooth; Wireless networking; front-facing and rear cameras; and a 'free' Office 365 Personal license.

While the dual-core 1.2GHz processor would not be enough to provide a smooth fast experience with the latest version of Android it is sufficient for the lighter leaner Windows Phone operating system.

If Microsoft are bringing the 430 out at US$70 then that could make the price of the 640XL (see my post here) with the 5.7" screen very interesting; possibly under US$200?