Titbit: Finding the full model details of your computer

Ever wanted or needed to find out the full model details of your Windows computer but lost the manual and the computer does not have a badge or sticker on it that reveals the full model number? You might know the marketing name it was given, like the A4 or the T3-M, or whatever. But this is generally not a useful model name or number if you are looking on the Web for details about upgrading some aspect of the computer, such as the CPU or the RAM.

As it happens there is way of getting the actual model details of a Windows computer.

Open a command line box and enter:

> wmic csproduct get name

On 95 percent of Windows PCs (probably more) this will return the manufacturer's correct model number for your PC.

As you can see the computer I ran the above test on is a P6-2055a model, and I know the manufacturer is Hewlett Packaged as that is written on the computer. So now I could find exact specifications for this PC on the Web by doing a search for that model.

Don't know how to get to the command line in Windows?

If you are using Windows 7 simply enter "cmd" in the search box at the bottom of the 'All Programs' start menu. This will then bring up the command line box.

For Windows 8 go to the metro view (or what Microsoft now seem to be calling the 'Universal' view) and just start typing in 'command', then select the Command Prompt item at the top of the search list (shown shaded in bronze in the example at left). This will then open the command line box.