Microsoft to make it easier to port Android apps over to Windows Phone?

Regular readers will be aware that Microsoft is gearing up to release Windows 10 around October this year. Windows 10, unlike previous versions of Windows, is going to be able to run on all of the Windows platforms: desktops, tablets, and phones. Obviously there will some differences in each Windows 10 edition to cater for the different platforms.

In addition, developers will be able to create a new type of application or app called a 'universal' Windows application. Universal Windows applications will be able to run on all Windows 10 platforms with the minimum of recoding required by the developers.

[Image at right links to Microsoft Build article at The Verge]

So far we knew all this, but now there is a new fairly strong rumour going around that Microsoft is going to announce that they will have a method available for developers of Android app to more easily get their apps to work on Windows Phone.

This would be a very clever move by Microsoft as it would mean that Android developers would then be able to convert their apps over to work on Windows Phone much more easily. This in turn would mean that smartphone reviewers could no longer say that the lack of applications is a reason not to try a Windows Phone.

It's possible we may find out if this is true in the next few days. The Microsoft Build event kicks off on Wednesday (USA). You can be sure I will be regularly checking Paul Thurrott's site and Windows Central to keep up with any big announcements.