Lost Dragon poster seen in Bayswater—How to get Foxtel for 3.5 months for $90

The following "Lost Dragon" poster was snapped by my son's fiancé on her smartphone over in the Bayswater area today. I must admit, for a smartphone picture, this shot is well focused with minimal motion blur or digital noise—very surprising. The colour balance was a bit off but I have fixed that in my editing.

It's when you read the bit that I have cropped off the bottom that you realise what is going on here. It's basically a rather clever advert from Foxtel to remind people they need to have Foxtel pay TV in order to watch Season 5 of Game of Thrones on the 13th of April.

For anyone (in Australia) interested that does not have Foxtel but would like to get it just for the period that Game of Thrones is happening then you can. Foxtel are currently offering a plan at $30 per month with the first two weeks thrown in for free. So you could get Foxtel Play with the 'Premium Movies and Drama' package for 3.5 months (three months plus two free weeks) for $90.

Although the subscription is monthly you can cancel any time, so you can cancel in the third month after Season 5 of Game of Thrones has finished.

This is for Foxtel Play which is an Internet streaming SVOD service (see my posting about SVOD here) that can be viewed via a Windows PC computer, Xbox, Apple Mac, or Samsung or LG Smart TV. Also the subscription allows you to install the player on three devices, so you could put it on your Samsung TV, Xbox, and a Windows PC—but you can only watch streaming movies on two devices at the one time.

If you are interested you can find out more at the Foxtel Play page here.

Beware that if you don't cancel in the third month then the monthly subscription cost will go up by $15 to $45 per month.

Note also that before Internet streaming video (i.e., SVOD)  will work you need:

  • An ADSL Internet connection.
  • Download bandwidth (speed) of at least 2Gbps (two gigabits per second) and preferably 3Gbps to ensure interrupt free viewing.
  • Sufficient data allowance to stream. The amount of data that video streaming will use depends on a lot of factors, including how compressed the stream is and what resolution you choose to watch at (e.g., low quality [576], high quality [720], or high definition [1080]). As a very rough rule-of-thumb you will use about 0.7GB (gigabyte) watching one hour of high quality (720 line) video. Double this for high definition video (1080 line).

While you are watching streaming video you will probably not want anyone else in the house downloading torrents or playing online multi-player games.