It's obvious really ... I need to get a left-hand drive car

Lately, over the last six to eight weeks, I have been suffering a bit of pain in my right knee. As you do, I have been trying to work out why this should be happening and whether the cause might be something other than just old age; although at my age just about everything that goes wrong with ones body is due to old age.

Driving home from work today I think I might have come up with the answer. I am pretty sure I have drilled down to the root cause. My friend Mohit, who is a black belt in Six-Sigma, would be proud of me. Six-sigma studies have a whole volume dedicated to techniques for delving down into problems and identifying the root cause.

I think the root cause of my sore right knee is working. To be more descriptive: driving to work.

You see getting into the car requires me to pivot on my right leg, and getting out of the car is a right-leg-first kind of operation where my right leg is then used to lift the rest of my frame up out of the car.

See! All the really hard work is being delegated to my right leg.

This might make more sense if I reveal that I am a tad over 130 kg heavy.

So devotees of the Six-sigma dogma would point out at this stage that the obvious solution to the problem then would be to stop working. Six-sigma is all about addressing the root cause.

However, stopping working is not really an option; not unless starving and living on the street is a palatable outcome.

No. It's quite obvious what to do really. I need to get a left-hand drive car.