Off to Busso: The Technology You Take on Leave

Going on holidays has got kind of complicated. It was never easy. Deciding what clothes to take, how much money you would need, where to stay, and what to do when you get there—and that's just for a holiday down south. But in the last ten years a whole new set of complications have turned up—what technology to take and what to take so that you can keep it charged and connected.

The wife and I are off to Busselton for a short break. At our age we deserve a short break now and then. We packed the clothes and toiletries with relative easy; but then it comes to the tech. What tech do you need to take?

The picture above shows the tech I decided I needed. My wife has a similar collection.

So there is my Surface Pro. I need that to do things like this post to my blog. It is also handy when travelling so you can take it into coffee shops and such to check maps and the like while having coffee. So then I obviously need the charger for the Surface Pro.

I also need the portable hard disk for my photography. This is to empty the SD card to each day. So then I need a suitable USB cable to connect the camera to the computer, which will be connected to the portable hard disk.

Then I have my smartphone and my famous expensive smartphone holder (the blue one, in the background).

Then, as I may need to connect to work while I am away, I also have my work notebook and the charger required for it, and full sized keyboard to connect to it.

Oh, and also my UE Boom speaker.

Watch out for some pictures from the trip.