Tributes in the Wild: Francesca Packer-Barham

Right smack bang there in the middle of the cover of the Business Review in today's Australian is a pair of black YSL Tributes. Okay ... maybe the picture is actually of someone wearing a pair of black YSL Tributes.

The very elegant lady wearing those amazing heels is Francesca Packer-Barham. Yep. I hadn't heard of her either! But whoever she is she has just now gone way up in my assessment of very smart people. I mean. She must be smart. Choosing YSL Tributes.

Obviously, with Packer in her name, she can well and truly afford these very stylish and sought after heels. In fact she quite possibly has them in every colour available.

At right I tried to make the picture bigger, but being a picture from a newspaper the quality is low and the print screening is hard to get rid off.

But trust me on this. She IS wearing YSL Tribute heels.