Pentax finally release a full-frame DSLR

This won’t come as news to anyone who keeps a close eye on new releases of cameras because it happened last week, but anyone who missed it you might like to know that Pentax have released a full-frame 36MP DSLR.

This is Pentax's first ever full-frame DSLR, and as usual, for the price range it is in, it provides features and capabilities that are not available from any other camera manufacturer at this time.

What we don't know at this stage, as the full reviews have not even started to get posted yet, is how good it is at what it does.

The specifications look amazing. The K-1 provides a number of features and innovations not available elsewhere.  It is the only DSLR with a tilt/swivel rear LCD monitor. It has a third dial to allow the quick switching between primary capabilities, rather than having to use a Menu or 'Quick Menu' in order to make these changes. It provides sufficient resolution to print an A2 colour print at 300dpi.

If you are interested you can see a first impressions review over at DPReview.

My problem is that, like all DSLRs, it is big. While nobody worried too much about how big SLRs and DSLRs were just three or four years ago there is a definite move now towards more compact high-end high-quality cameras. Cameras like the Sony a6000.

Like so many Pentax owners I waited and waited for Pentax to bring out a full-frame DSLR. Even just two years ago I probably would have bought this camera. But now I have become really used to having my Sony a6000 half-frame camera, with its incredibly sharp 16-70mm f4 Ziess lens, with me just about anywhere I go.

Pentax have priced this amazing camera at an interestingly low point. It is going to sell at least $500 less than its competitors from Canon and Nikon, and it offers features those cameras don't have (yet). I think this low pricing is because Pentax know some of its loyal supporters have moved to other brands (like me moving to Sony) after waiting so long for the K-1 and they are hoping this lower price will bring them back. They are probably also hoping that anyone looking to make the jump from half-frame to full-frame who would have previously not even considered Pentax will now give them a chance.