Log train-track trailer at Nannup

This picture was taken on my recent trip to Bridgetown.

It shows a train-track log dolly or trailer used to move cut logs on the loggers railways around Nannup back in the day when Nannup and surrounds were being heavily logged.

Lately I have been playing around with the many and varied ways Photoshop provides to convert colour images to monochrome black and white representations. The following example, which I think has worked out quite well for this particular image, employs the high-vibrancy muted-saturation slightly over-sharpened method generally used by photographers with wedding pictures. But I think it has worked well for this picture.

It is funny how our tastes change. A couple of years ago I would never have even considered trying out black and white versions, but now I find I often try out a couple of the various methods available on some pictures—just to see the result.

As appealing as the black and white version is, as you can see, you completely lose that lovely red-brown rust colour of the dolly in the monochrome version. But even so I could see the black and white version looking very impressive as a large canvas print.