Who knew? Photographs of rustic and interesting gates on Pinterest

Obviously I have heard of Pinterest. I have even visited Pinterest once or twice, but I never really saw a use in it for myself. While there are lots of pictures of things on Pinterest they are all relatively low resolution, and the maximum size is something like 750 pixels on the tall edge. So the picture on Pinterest are not exactly high quality—from a size and resolution perspective.

But Ersatz (my son's live-in fiance) showed me a search for "rustic gates" on Pinterest and there were lots of interesting pictures that came up. A tiny sample of these is shown below, but as they are low resolution you cannot click on them and get a higher resolution image—as you would normally be able to do with pictures on this site.

You can find these pictures in Pinterest by doing a search for "rustic gates".

But I have learnt at least two things from Ersatz bringing these pictures to my attention.

Firstly: I am not the only person taking pictures of old and interesting gates. And I guess in a world with an estimated 3.3 billion people walking around with cameras, it should not come as a surprise that there are others seeking out old gates to photograph.

Secondly: While I have been restricting my search mainly to old farm gates and gates in the country maybe I should look around suburban areas for some interesting old gates.

Also none of the pictures on Pinterest that I saw were 'framed' (i.e., had a border around them). It is a pity because a frame makes an image look so much better.

This final picture shows my favourite kind of old gate; one with lots of rust on it. I have also included a 'framed' version for comparison.