Postcard post-processing: Old house in vineyard down Margret River way

I am typically not into what might be referred to as 'postcard post-processing'. But with the following pictures I thought I would try my hand.

With this picture I have done some typical postcard-style post-processing. I have added some punch to the greens, reduced the density of the shadows, turned the vibrance up by 15 percent, brought the blacks down to give the picture that saturated post-card picture look, and added blue to the sky. Then I have slightly over-sharpened to give it a really hard focus.

If you have a screen that has a pixel height of 1,200 pixels (or more) then if you click on the image you will get an image that fills the screen. It might take a few second to download as it is 1.1MB in size. Don't forget to F11 your browser to get the full-screen effect.

I took these picture back in 2014 on a long weekend trip to Busselton.

This next one, taken from the path leading up to the shack, has a power pole in it. I didn't even notice that until I started post-processing the pictures.

One more . . .

And that is probably the end of my postcard-style postings for this year.