Sansa likes a challenge getting to water

Over the time that we have had her we have observed that Sansa likes a bit of a challenge in getting to her water. Back when her water was on the floor if she discovered water elsewhere in a somewhat more challenging location that was harder to get to then she much preferred that water.

One of the locations we have found to put 'challenging' water for Sansa is up on the brick mantel above our fridge recess and hotplates. In order for her to get to this water she has to get up onto the nib wall at the left-hand side of the kitchen dresser. Then she needs to navigate along the dresser bench over all the crap and rubbish us humans put there, then get onto the top of the microwave, and then finally make the carefully calculated jump up onto the mantel which is only about 3" wide. Then walk along the mantel to the half-way point to where the special water is.

She loves her water being up there. I think the 'apex predator' part of her likes to think she is up the side of some rough gnarly mountain licking up water from a hidden creek the runs down through tall timber trees to the lowlands below.

I often refer to this particular cache of water as Sansa's high country water.

The problem here is changing it and keeping it fresh. Her primary owner has to stand on tippy toes to change this water for her.