Steam engine refilling tanks and the main gate at Millar's Palgarup

Around early February the wife and I went for a long weekend trip to Bridgetown. On the way we passed through the old Millar's timber milling town of Palgarup.

The following couple of pictures were taken at Palgarup.

The first is of three old tanks sitting up on wooden stands. I am not totally sure what these tanks were used for but my best guess would be water tanks for the stream trains because they look very much like the old steam engine water refilling tanks that can be found elsewhere around the area.

By the look of those weathered old stands I have a feeling those tanks might not be standing there for many more years.

This next picture is of what I assume was the main gate into the Millar's timber factory at Palgarup.

As you can see from the picture, this gate is a masterpiece. It was no doubt custom made. Most likely it was made in the Millar's workshops.

It is beautifully rusted with all tones of rust yellows and browns. But the tension posts at each end are in perfect condition.

Following is a close-up of the left centre part of the gate so you can better see the pattern.

I think this is my first gate related posting of 2016.