Adding some glamour to an old rusting Chamberlain tractor

On our recent week away 'down south' at Busselton the wife and I came across this old abandoned Chamberlain tractor in a paddock. I would say it had been driven to that spot and then left there a couple of years ago, at least.

There was some kind of wasp nest in one of the wheel hubs, and weeds were growing up through the engine.

As you can see from the picture below I decided to try and add a bit glamour to this old tractor by placing the YSL Tribute heels on the back step.

I actually tried placing them on different parts of this old rusting tractor, but I think this shot has worked out the best.

I was a heavily overcast day—in fact it was heavily overcast for our whole week at Busselton—so the picture is a little 'flat'; but I do think that the bright blue heels catch the eye up against that Chamberlain-tractor-yellow faded paint and the rust.

I have put this picture up on 500 pixels under Abalook1, so any readers who have an account at 500 pixels may want to go and give it a vote.