Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Windows 10.1)

Sometime in early August (most likely 2nd August) the Anniversary Update for Windows 10 will be released by Microsoft. Some writers have referred to this as Windows 10.1 but Microsoft are not using that versioning.

The 10.1 Anniversary Update for Windows 10 contains a lot of updates and enhancements. Following are some of the more interesting ones.

Windows Hello: Windows Hello provides new and more secure ways to login to your computer and use applications that support it.

Upgrades to Windows Ink: Windows Ink works a bit in the current release of Windows 10, but with the Anniversary Update the number of places where Windows Ink can be used will be expanded.

Virtual Desktop Enhancements: I use the Windows 10 virtual desktop feature all the time. I typically have Spotify in one desktop, my research desktop where I check and view things, and then this desktop where I am editing up the narrative. VD enhancements in Windows 10 will make it even easier to move between desktops.

Or if I am working with Lightroom and Photoshop—two applications that you really need to use in full-screen mode—then I will have a desktop open for each of these, and then a third desktop where I am posting.

Big Updates to Cortana: I have to admit that I have never used Cortana. Maybe with the updates being made to Cortana in the Anniversary Update I might give her a try out.

Browser Extensions: With the Anniversary Update the Microsoft Edge browser will support extensions.

Linux Command Line: I am not too sure of the use of this (sorry LInux fans), but 10.1 will include a Linux command line.

Improvements to Tablet Mode: For owners of Windows 10 devices that can be tablets or laptops (e.g., the Surface Pro and the Surface Book) there are upgrades and enhancement to the tablet mode of operation.

There are additional major updates aimed at business and enterprise users such as incorporating application virtualisation (App.V) into the operating system rather than having it as a separate application.

Plus all the normal performance and security improvements, and many other minor enhancements you would expect from a major update.

The next major update to Windows 10—which will probably become known as 10.2—is planned for April next year.