Somewhat concerned about Addicted to Heels

One of my favourite sites to visit now and then, Addicted to Heels, seems to have stopped posting. You can find the link to Addicted to Heels in the sidebar.

I very much enjoyed the deep and probing articles found on Addicted to Heels. Articles like "Heels are just perfect with a bikini" (here), "Heels 'work' for the same reason boobies do" (here)",  and "Cleavage vs. Heels" (here). The pictures of stunning women in sexy high heels that came with every posting also helped with the appeal of the site.

It is kind of a shame when a really well set-up site like Addicted to Heels just fades and dies. There could be any number of reasons. Perhaps the author of the site broke up with his girlfriend—although I seriously hope this is not the case. Maybe he just lost interest in posting?Perhaps he is ill?

I have sent two e-mails to the address revealed on the site but have not had any replies.

I guess we all just have to wait and see what happens . . . if anything happens at all.