Tributes and the Blue Nose Bears

Almost sounds like the name of a rock band. Like the Tributes could be a trio of female singers and the Blue Nose Bears could be the backing band.

But that is not what this post is about. It is about my latest submission into ViewBug and 500 Pixels.

If you have accounts at either 500 pixels or ViewBug then please login and vote my picture up. You can always find my pictures by searching for Abalook.

Following is a slightly different view of the same set up. In this shot I have raised the tripod about 1.5 feet to get a higher view. As you can also see, the lighting is a little stronger for this shot.

When I posted to ViewBug and 500 pixels I preferred the first angle because of the lack of shadows behind the bottom row of bears. But now I am sort of preferring the second angle because it shows off the heels slight better. You can see the full length of the heel whereas it look shortened in the first picture.