Got the spices; now just need the new pantry to put them in

I have mentioned before that we are downsizing. The new house consists of the 'main' house and an attached granny flat. The granny flat is where the wife and I will live. The kids--my son and his fiancé--will have the main house.

Lately my son has got into barbequing ... big time. So he and fiancé have started buying BBQ (and other) spices to put in their new pantry. They have even gone to the trouble of buying little IKEA jars—all the same—to put the spices into.

The only problem with the plan is that the concrete slab for the new house has not even been put down yet. In fact, the builders have not even started preparing the site for the slab. So, there they are, imagining all these neat little jars of spices in their new pantry but the new pantry is probably still a good six to seven months away.

I guess it's good to dream.

In the meantime my son has his BBQ container. So all the spices, and all his other BBQ equipment including meat injectors and meat rubs, is currently in this container.

Oh yeah ... and notice all the neat labelling? They went an bought a label printer from Office Works to print all the labels.