Did I mention that that we are downsizing?

Back in August I posted about how the wife and I are downsizing (here). Basically the weeds are forcing us out.

We are downsizing from a 2,012 sqm block to a 600 (or so) sqm block. However, even though the new block is less than a third of the size of this block we will have a nice green lawn that is twice as big as the one we have now. Maybe not immediately; but not too long after we move in—providing the son's finance gets moving on it and depending on other priorities.

But best of all, there is going to be hardly any room for weeds to grow. Oh. I know weeds will still grow. That's the nature of weeds. But the area they have to grow in now at this place is about 1,700 sqm. At the new place they will be lucky to get 200 sqm to grow in.

Sodding weeds.

The wife and I are downsizing in cahoots with my son and his fiancé. They will have the 'main' house to run around in and look after and worry about, and the wife and I will have the attached 'granny flat'.

A perfect arrangement really. If the wife and I should go away for a wee holiday somewhere, then they can look after the property and we don't have to worry about it; and vice versa. Besides which, my son is basically my wife's carer. She has galloping MND/ALS and he looks after her during the day while I go to work. He does all the washing, cooking, making of beds, and general housekeeping.