MND afflicted wife is basically living on Up-and-Go

I have mentioned previously in a couple of posts that my wife has motor neuron disease (MND), or, for my American readers that would be amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

After some cursory tests it was suspected she might have MND back around January this year (2017). Now, some 10 months later with MND having been confirmed, she is basically unable to eat anything other than soft chicken in small pieces or eggs (as omelette, or boiled, or poached). She can't eat bread of any kind because it turns to a paste and she can't swallow it--ditto in most cases for pasta and potato (and anything made using potato). She can't eat anything that takes much chewing due to jaw muscle tiredness or strength. She can't drink anything that is too thin for fear of choking; so coffee and tea are out, as are thin soups, as is water. She can't eat anything that is lumpy that might cause her to choke or has skins that she cannot chew or swallow easily (such as tomato or beans).

So, with just about everything 'normal' now on the "can't fecking eat it" list, her main food has become Sanitarium's Up-and-Gowith two whole Weet-Bix in every drink

The following picture shows her supply for about a week.

Needless to say, Sanitarium are now making a small fortune out us.