A Xmas many years ago at UniSys West

As, once again I go through my massive catalogue of pictures that I have in Lightroom, I came across the following images from my days working at UniSys West.

The following seven (7) pictures are from Xmas 2006 (click to cycle through the pictures)

I doubt that you would see this repeated in these days of the 'modern' minimalist workstation.

Where I currently work there is a 'clean desk' policy. If I happen to leave my diary on the desk when leaving work it will likely be taken away by the night cleaning team with a little note left in its place telling me I can pick it up from Facilities Management. And if I don't pick it up within the prescribed time; then it will be disposed of.

So much for a 'user friendly' working environment.

Goodness knows what would happen if some team decided to decorate for Xmas as we used to at UniSys West.